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April 4th, 2016

As promised, I have a second part to our original post on greenery garlands.  In that earlier post, we shared a video tutorial on how to make a pre-assembled garland.  That's a great choice if you have time before the wedding to put your garlands together.

But what if you don't have time?  Or you're worried about keeping the greenery fresh overnight?  Depending on your circumstances, there's a second DIY method that could work for you.

I cover this method in the video tutorial below, but in short, instead of tying the pieces together, the idea is to simply lay the branches on the table.  

It's hard to call such a basic principle a "method", but there are a few things to consider, as follows:

- I think this look works best with bushier greens (Podocarpus is a great choice), but whatever you choose, be sure to overlap the pieces so the appearance is still continuous

- I wouldn't recommend this method if your wedding is outdoors, or if there's any chance that there will be a breeze that disrupts the branches.  There's nothing to keep them from flying away, so plan accordingly!

If your situation allows it, then this method is my more recommended of the two.  While making pre-assembled garlands is quite simple, if you're looking to cover a lot of area, they can be incredibly time-consuming to make.  You'll definitely save a lot of time if you go with the method covered in the video below:


Thanks for watching!

- Robin

February 15th, 2016

If there's one overwhelming trend for 2016, it's greens, greens, greens, as far as the eye can see!  We're seeing more greenery worked into every type of arrangement- bouquets, altar arrangements, centerpieces- and the look is natural and organically presented.

The most impactful way to incorporate this trend is though the use of greenery table garlands, and we're getting lots of requests through our full-service division, Bootahful Flowers, but there are just as many couples looking to DIY greenery table runners for their wedding.

If you, too, are looking to DIY greenery garlands for your wedding, you're in luck- we've added a video tutorial to our Youtube channel, in which I show you how to make a eucalytpus runner for a table.

I cover a lot of information in the video, but I still wanted to summarize the main take-home points below:

- You can choose from many greens, but a lot of couples are preferring the look of eucalyptus (as you know from other blog posts and videos, it has a lighter green  shade that works well with popular wedding colours).  While seeded eucalyptus is the most requested green, just know that its appearance can vary a lot (both the leaves and seeds can appear darker, and the ratio of leaves to seeds can be low sometimes).  For that reason, I recommend mixing in a second, more consistent type of eucalyptus, like silver dollar euc, to generate that overall sage green tone.

- Garlands aren't difficult to make- you will get the hang of it quite quickly- but they are time-consuming.  This is one of the reasons I'm sometimes reluctant to recommend them for DIY projects (the second reason is below).  Like any DIY project, you need to do your research and plan accordingly.  In the right circumstances, they are a fantastic decor idea, but they can too easily become a stressful experience if you don't organize your time.

- The last note I have has to do with storage and perishability.  You might remember from other blog posts that I'm a huge advocate for doing as much flower arranging work as possible before the wedding.  The day-of is simply too busy, and the last thing you want is the realization you didn't leave enough time to get everything done. 

The challenge with making your greenery garlands the day before your wedding is keeping them fresh.  Without a water source, the leaves may dry-out.  

If your wedding is in the winter months, you're in good shape.  As long as temps don't go below freezing, you can keep your garlands in a cold place overnight, and they'll look fantastic the next day.

If you're getting married in the summer, it's a lot more tricky.  You want to consider the night temps- do you have a cool place to keep them?  The types of greens you choose are also a factor.  Certain greens can last a long time out of water, and others not so much.  This is really important to consider if you're picking greens from a personal garden.  In that case, definitely do a trial run with a small piece to be sure it lasts through the night.

In our next blog post, I'm going to share another video tutorial that shows an alternate method to making a greenery runner that eliminates the two problems identified above.  It's a method I HIGHLY recommend to DIYers (and as a bonus, uses one of my favourite greens), so stay tuned!

For now, enjoy our DIY Eucalyptus Greenery Garland Tutorial:

January 6th, 2016

Happy New Year, everyone!  And congratulations to all the newly engaged couples planning their weddings.  To all those considering going the DIY approach, we have some helpful info for you today.

We're taking advantage of the quiet lull between wedding seasons to do some behind the scenes work, and we're pretty pleased to announce that our Youtube Channel is up and running!

The timing is fortuitous, as we'll be posting our free demo schedule by the end of January.  For those who have never attended, these are a series of free flower arranging demonstrations (held in Vancouver) where we show you how to make DIY friendly wedding arrangements and bouquets.  They are well-suited to a complete novice, as we provide lots of detailed information.


     This is me demonstrating how to make a bridesmaid bouquet at one of the demonstrations last year.


Our schedule only allows us to hold a couple of demos every year, though, and we wanted a more accessible way to share that helpful information.  That's how the idea of a Youtube channel came about, and after months of planning, we've finally launched it.

The information we cover in these videos is exactly the sort of thing we share in our demonstrations.  So if you missed our last set, or you aren't able to attend, don't despair!  You're getting all the same detailed tips and info the demo attendees receive.

We'll be adding more videos over time (I'm furiously edited more footage as we speak), but until then, check out what we do have posted.

And full disclosure: our videos are longer than average compared to similar ones you find on Youtube, but I didn't want to skimp on the details.  I've worked with enough DIY couples to know not to assume anything.  I personally think a lot of those other videos gloss over some important steps, so I want to be sure our viewers are getting the right information.

And co-incidentally, the one below shows you how to make the bridal bouquet in the Classic Romance package.  Convenient, that.



Thanks for watching!


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